Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fourth Entry

December 31, 1998

New Years Eve! Parties all around, lots of "social" drinking and kissing at midnight! What's not to love? Murder perhaps?

The day had finally come, shedding our old skins and burrowing into the new ones with promises to eat less, quit smoking and visit the local Y at least twice a week. Not like anyone ever kept these promises, I always thought they were just to make depressed people feel better about themselves honestly. Who knows, maybe that's exactly what they are. I just like new years because at such a young age, parties are new and exciting to you. You get to experience one of the wonders of the mysterious creature known as the adult. Who knows, they may even give you so non-alcoholic wine to make you feel all grown up.

At first it just seemed like any other party I had ever heard about. A bunch of grown-ups sitting around watching t.v. and mingling the night away. But even that was entertaining to me. I remember snooping around under some of the smaller tables and chairs, listening to conversations all around me. It only took me a good twenty minutes of listening to find out Mrs. Clemmins from down the road had a crush on Mr. Johnson from next door. And that Mr. and Mrs. DuPoint were going to go home and practice wrestling! Wow that sounded cool at the time, I would have loved to practiced wrestling with them! I could show them this new move I made up called the five star dive!

And it only took me another five minutes of listening to find out that dad wasn't really sorry for what he did to the burglar.

"Why should I have apologized to that little theif? Or that bitch wife of his? He was trying to steal from us. Why should I forgive him? Just because it was on Christmas? Or because tomorrow is New Year's day? If he came around today I'd do the exact same thing. Hell, I think I enjoyed clocking that little punk." My dad was telling my mom in rough whispers. He obviously had already found the beer.

"You do not mean that hun, you can't mean that. The man I married does love to fight, but not like this. He doesn't like to hit men who aren't even in their 30's with baseball bats. Be proud of yourself for forgiving him. I know it meant a lot to his wife. He might not have been able to hear you apologize, but she sure could. And so could his daughter." Said my mom to my dad over her glass of red wine. Boones farm, her favorite.

I decided to head to my bedroom to see if I could sneak a peek at the cinemax movies on tonight. I found out the code pretty easily. My dad kept it in his night stand next to his bed. As I sit down and grab the remote I hear the doorbell ring. I think nothing of it at the time, I mean it is a party, so guests are going to arrive sooner or later. As I start flipping through the channels trying to find cinemax or hbo, I hear a loud scream coming from Mrs. Clemmins it sounded like.

I decide to run into the hallway that looks into the living room where all the adults were standing up, blocking my view. So I decided to crawl under one of the tables from earlier to get a better look. Now at first I couldn't quite tell who it was or what was happening until I heard her talk.

"You think I forgive you for what you did to my husband? You think that I can forgive you for taking my babies father away? I'll show you what I really think! I'll show you how I really feeel!" the wife of the man in the hospital screamed.

What was that she was holding? Didn't look like a purse. Didn't quite look like any sort of handbag. Wait, it's shiny I can see it now. It's....a gun.

Well the next one will come probably tonight, maybe this afternoon I promise. :) Tell me what you think in the comments, and don't forget to follow if you like it!


  1. Good stuff, reads like a recounting, so I am following what happens next.

  2. is this a super old post or what

  3. What I don't understand is this is a WW3 setting. How can it be WW3 in the year 1998?

  4. Ownage, that was taken out of context. :P If you re-read what I said, I was using it as such "It's about to get all WW3 up in here!" haha.

  5. Great entry! Can't wait to see more

  6. cant wait to read more like this! :D

  7. i think that, in terms of a journal piece, this story is very appealing.

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